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Book 1 Code B3648-2525-001 – Kids+

Activities & Skills

It is a 16-page book (Size: 25×25 cm (9.84×9.84 inches)) included the cover pages.
It is specially designed to improve the fine motor skills challenges, daily routin ( Bedroom, Bathroom, kitchen and living room), clock, velcro, color matching,16-piece puzzle, counting from 1 to 10 and animals and plants environments.

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Used Materials

Our books are made from the best available non-fading fabrics.

  • The pages are made from polyster felt  fabric
  • The borders are made from polyster felt  fabric
  • Removable pieces are made of polyester felt and there are a variety of beads, pegs, buttons, zips, magnets, snaps

Pages With Cover

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