From 24 to 36 Month Old

Quiet, Activity and Busy Book is one of the first classic handmade quiet books to be in the market over 100 years ago, Our Quiet Books by Kids Plus Canada G.P. are the best Quiet books worldwide in terms of Material Quality, Designs, Activities number in each book and the price. Our Quiet Books are still handmade in the same manner as the original books that were introduced 100 years ago by Maria Montessori. Quiet book age Group (24 to 36 Months) and (Size: 25×25 cm (9.84×9.84 inches) included the cover pages. Carefully designed to attract the baby’s inquisitive mind and is help him coordinate his hand’s movements while examining each page, every one of them stimulates the child differently. It is sold with a specially designed carrying case to take your quiet book with you wherever you want, and that will keep the soft book protected. It is a good sensory toy for the kids helping them to develop their fine motor and cognitive skills, form and color identification, behavior and mental logic, as well as the imagination, and to improve insistence and creativity. It is specially designed to improve the fine motor skills challenges, velcro, zipper, drag and drop mechanism, color and size matching, puzzle, counting, sorting by size, buttons, thread winding, and lacing, seasons, and animals and plants environments.