From 0 to 12 Month Old

Quiet, Activity, and Busy Book Age Group (0 to 12 Months) As one of the first classic handmade quiet books to enter the market over 100 years ago, Our Quiet Books by Kids Plus Canada G.P. are the best Quiet books worldwide in terms of Material Quality, Designs, Activities number in each book and the price. Our Quiet Books are still handmade in the same manner as the original books that were introduced 100 years ago by Maria Montessori. Quiet book (Size: 25×25 cm (9.84×9.84 inches)) carefully designed to attract the baby’s inquisitive mind and help him coordinate his hand’s movements while examining each page, which every one of them stimulates the child differently.

1. Sensory activities build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which develops the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks.

2. Sensory activities support language development, cognitive growth, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and social interaction.

3. This type of activity helps to develop and enhance memory. 4. It is great for calming an anxious or frustrated child. This book helps children learn sensory attributes (soft, hard, bumpy, smooth …etc.). Our books are made from the best available non-fading fabrics. It is full of bright colors and various textures: leather, Feather, Buttons, Wool, Burlap, Cotton, Mermaid Sequin Fabric, Mirrors, Plastic, Tulle Fabric, Faux Fur Fabric, and Cork