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About Kids+ – Kids+

What We Do

We make Quiet Books (Busy Books) for kids from 0-5 years old.
A quiet book is a series of fabric pages containing quiet activities
to entertain small children, keep little hands moving, and minds
engrossed and engaged. Those books build a child’s knowledge
of the world around them and a big love of books.

How We Do It

We use the sophisticated software to design the book’s pages to have a final preview of the design in terms of colors matching, after that we determine the type and the quality of used materials, then begin fabrics cutting, sewing, and assembling pages.

What We Use

We use the best fabric quality (polyester felt, soft felt, cotton, silk, fur, leather, feather )
Each page has its unique detailing and there is a variety of wooden beads, pegs, buttons, zips, magnets, zippers, snaps and buckles.

About Us

Thanks for visiting us here at kids+………..

We are a company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada that makes Early Childhood Educational Materials and Quiet Books, owned by Amer and Laila, Amer is a Civil Engineer and Laila is an Architect, we have a passion for kids and manufacturing handicraft items as well and a real desire to contribute to develop and improve the early childhood education evolution march.

Our son has been our inspiration to establish this lovely handmade business.

We work on to instill in our children an early love for books, limit screen time and create many fun-filled learning opportunities.

We are specialized in Quiet Books and Early Childhood Education Materials that encourage creative and imaginative play.
We are so happy you stopped by!

Educational Method

Quiet Book is a series of fabric pages containing quiet activities to entertain small children.

The typical target age range for quiet books is about zero to five, focusing on skills like:

Color identification/matching
– Shape identification/matching
– Using snaps, buttons, buckles, and zippers
– Matching and sorting activities
– Spelling words
– Counting
– Nature/Animal and plants environment exploration
– Occupations
– Seasons
– Games
and lots of other activities

The interactive pages provide the perfect opportunities for fine motor and cognitive skills development, color and form identification, behavior and mental logic growth, as well as imagination.

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